Choosing The Right Injectable Filler for Your Aesthetic Facial Problem

Choosing The Right Injectable Filler for Your Aesthetic Facial Problem

About a decade back only one type of filler was available and that was for treating facial lines and wrinkles. This was an injectable collagen that was extracted from cow proteins and its results were only temporary. Today, when science and technology has advanced so much, there are a number of filler injections available for treating various types of aesthetic facial problems. Because of so much advancement and so many varieties of injectable fillers available in the market, an environment of confusion and misinformation has erupted for an average individual looking for a treatment.

Here are a few types of injectable fillers now available in the market to help ease various aesthetic facial problems. These include:

  • Hyaluronic acid that draws fluid to the area needing treatment and treats puffs, lines and wrinkles
  • Bovine collagen
  • Fat cells that are harvested from an individual’s body
  • Calcium hydroxylapatite, also known as, Radiesse
  • Man made biodegradable polymers, also known as, Sculptra
  • Microscopic plastic beads combined with bovine collagen, also known as, Artefill

The types of injectable fillers mentioned above are all approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. However one should keep in mind that cosmetic doctors who don’t have proper license often use filler injections not approved by FDA. Therefore it is extremely important that you always consult a reputable physician only.

Depending on the type of your aesthetic facial problem the injectable filler your cosmetic doctor prescribes for you will be tested on your skin to check if there will be any side effects or allergic reactions. If the injection is safe, then and only then it will be injected in your skin. Various types of injectable fillers last for different time periods. Gradually the skin absorbs the filler and thus it goes back to its original state after a short period of time.

Every individual has different reactions to the types of injectable fillers available in the market. One injection that might be safe for an individual might not prove to be same for the other. Therefore it is important that advice from an experienced physician is sought before a person opts for any particular filler to be injected on his/her skin.

There are a number of ways you can get complete information regarding the fillers available in the market. Theoretical information can be gained through the internet, journals and textbooks. Practical knowledge can be acquired by one on one discussion with your cosmetic physician. Also your cosmetic doctor can advice you best about how to care for your skin before and after you get yourself injected with fillers under your skin.

Some fillers might cost way too much for an individual while others could be affordable. Cost varies depending on the type of filler one opts for. However, you should never take a decision about injectable fillers without proper consultation and testing done by a licensed and experienced physician. Cost shouldn’t be an issue if you want to enhance your physical appearance.

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