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Potential Complications Of Botox Treatments

With younger people of both genders receiving Botox injections to mute the effects of aging, it’s important to be aware of the potential complications, and imperative to choose an experienced surgeon, warns Toronto facial plastic surgeon Dr. David Ellis.

Things that can go wrong with the procedure include being left with a crooked smile, a drooping eyelid, eyebrows left lying too low on the face or asymmetrical, and even eyebrow “Spocking”  (where the outer part of the eyebrow is too high, creating a facial expression like the Star Trek Vulcan, Spock), says Dr. Ellis


Med-Mal Work Gives Surgeon Insight Into Importance Of Communication

Years of experience as an expert witness in medical malpractice matters for both sides of the court has given Toronto facial plastic surgeon Dr. David Ellis a unique insight into how to ensure patient satisfaction.

“Through my court experience — where I have appeared for the defence and prosecution of doctors — I have learned much about relationships between doctor and patient and how they can break down,” says Dr. Ellis


Provide Experts With ‘Organized’ Evidence In Malpractice Suits

Expert witnesses can be a valuable asset in medical malpractice lawsuits, but lawyers handling such cases must be wary of relying on inappropriate evidence, writes Toronto facial plastic surgeon Dr. David Ellis in The Lawyer’s Daily.

“It may seem simplistic, but since the plaintiff lawyer must convince the court that the medical practitioner failed to meet the standard of care in the case — while the opposite is the goal for the defence — the key for both usually turns on the expert’s testimony,” writes Dr. Ellis READ MORE>>>

The Role of Medical Experts in Malpractice Suits

Expert witnesses in a medical malpractice lawsuit may not necessarily be diametrically opposed in their opinions, but the testimony of one might be persuasive enough to sway the judge, says Toronto facial plastic surgeon Dr. David Ellis.

Dr. Ellis, founder of Toronto’s The Art of Facial Surgery clinic, is frequently called upon as an expert to provide his opinion in malpractice suits. But the cases aren’t usually so clear-cut, he tells READ MORE>>>

Ellis: Active Plastic Surgeon Expert Witness In Malpractice Cases

For more than 30 years, Toronto facial plastic surgeon Dr. David Ellis has been helping people look and feel their best. Because of his extensive experience, he’s also frequently called on by both prosecution and defense lawyers to testify as an expert witness in malpractice suits.

“I’ve done both sides of the street,” he says. “I’ve helped doctors and I’ve been on the prosecutor’s side, as well.” READ MORE>>>

Ten Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

People planning plastic surgery should ask their surgeon about his or her experience and training before making their decision to move ahead with the procedure, Toronto facial plastic surgeon Dr. David Ellis tells

Dr. Ellis, founder of Toronto’s The Art of Facial Surgery clinic, says patients should ask 10 key questions — not only to bolster their understanding of potential risks and complications but also to ensure their trust in the physician. READ MORE>>>

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Look your best and feel your best with cosmetic procedures that will turn back the hands of time and leave you feeling beautiful and rejuvenated inside and outside.

We can address your facial skin and aging concerns with cosmetic procedures and treatments that have little or no downtime and leave you looking and feeling younger.

We use the latest proven laser technology for all of our laser procedures that improve your skins condition when it has been affected by the environment and aging.

We offer both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose job) procedures to drastically change your appearance or simply create minor refinements to the shape and look of your nose.

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What Our Clients Say:

I found the visit to Dr. Ellis’ office very pleasant informative and professional. I have complete confidence in Dr. Ellis and his kind staff. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends or associates.

Nancy F.Voluma

I have Botox and facial fillers. I have had minimal or no bruising from procedures. I am very satisfied with the work I have had done. It freshens up my look without looking artificial.

Rhonda M.I have Botox and facial fillers. I have had minimal or no bruising from procedures

I have been coming to Dr. Ellis for over 40 years. He is always on top of the latest information regarding the skin and face, which he always takes the time to share with great patience.

Janet S.I have been coming to Dr. Ellis for over 40 years

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